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Pollution Control Associates, Inc.
Excellent Products – Proper Application – Cleaner Air


Pictured above are just a few examples of products and applications.  Please visit the rest of the website for more detail and reasons why PCA is your best choice for emissions control products.

Key Products

bullet Replacement catalysts in all sizes and shapes
bullet Exhaust Silencers / Mufflers (without catalysts)
bullet Catalyst Systems with easy access housings
bullet Combination silencers (with catalysts)
bullet Turbine Replacement Catalysts
bullet Other Products: Blowdown Silencers, Intake Filters And Silencers
bullet Consulting
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Fast Delivery on Replacement Catalysts. Click here for details.

Our Package

If you have an existing installation now requiring catalytic control, PCA can work with you to ‘fit’ a solution into an existing rack or space available if at all possible.  Rack mount, trunnion mount, rooftop … whatever your space restrictions may be, PCA will work with you to find a way to solve the problem.

Our Services

We have dealt with major packagers and mid-stream companies to deliver products that exceeded expectations at excellent prices.  All products are made in the USA.

Key Products for 2-Cycle, 4-Cycle Lean and Rich Burn, Dual Fuel and Diesel Engines:

  • Replacement Catalysts for all shapes and sizes

  • Small to Medium sized PCAT catalyst enclosures featuring 4-bolt access

  • Large Enclosures for reciprocating engines and turbines

  • Combination Silencers for all levels of attenuation and emissions control

  • Heavy Duty and OEM grade industrial mufflers

  • Air intake silencers, filters, Blowdown silencers, spark arresting units …

  • Catalyst evaluation, testing and regeneration services

  • Reclamation of Precious Metals from sent elements

  • Consulting


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